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“Changing lives through holistic nutrition, wellness education and clinical excellence.

Huertgen Wellness & Weight Loss is an all-natural, doctor supervised weight loss program dedicated to helping you reach, and sustain, your weight goals. Our philosophy is clear & unique. We focus on restoring proper organ, gland, & hormone function, which in turn allows your body to return to its normal weight. A healthy body is one that functions in fat-burning mode, not fat-storing mode. 

We focus on making you healthy first then weight loss becomes a side effect. Your personal ‘health coach’ will teach you what foods provide your body with the proper nutrients to heal the gut and will also assist as you detox the liver to cleanse the body from the inside out.  Whether you need help with a serious health condition like type II diabetes, heart disease or obesity, or just want more energy or to look better in a bathing suit, we have a program for you!

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